Faggot Destruction
Originally posted by financialexec at Faggot Destruction
Time for another ca$h raping and faggot destruction update for all My loyal worshipers and cash slaves. Been a very, very successful June, with new levels of domination and wallet crushing. On to the list of losers....

ListensAllDay called, and we had a nice, long forced intox session while I drained his credit card minute by minute. Dragged him into a raise the rate session after this pathetic loser was good and fucked up. Ending up taking $215 in just over an hour. Funniest part is he's a mental health counselor haha

Edgejunkie called and discovered his new path in his pathetic existence, and it is worshipping at the altar of Master Rip. In just a few days, I took this fucking loser for well over $1,000. He craves hearing how much I hate him, and how I have every intention of ruining his entire life. He'll grab some more poppers and return to feel My evil seeping into his mind...this is NOT a game.

Freddiefag7 called again last night, and I took him this time for $185 in about 45 minutes. This brings our total to $1700 in about a month. We'll be moving on to his Discover card this weekend. $o easy haha

Twistedcunt called yet again, and I made him put on bright red lipstick on cam for me while he recited what a fairy cock sucking sissy he is. Took a quick $75 off him, as usual

That's just a tease faggots. It's making your pathetic little cock twitch, isn't it! Back to the phones....time to SERVE.

Master Rip

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